St. John’s is a small, vibrant and extremely welcoming community located in north central Connecticut on the banks of the Connecticut River. The church is located in the center of Warehouse Point, a village within the town of East Windsor, across from the green. We are an old parish, dating back to 1802, and there are some families who have been members for several generations. We are also a parish that embraces youth, new ideas and thoughtful dialog. There is a family atmosphere that permeates both worship and social activities. Parishioners reside in a variety of surrounding towns, so our community spreads beyond East Windsor’s borders.+

Ministers of the Church: All Members of St. John’s

The Rev. Julia A. Fritts, Rector

Ms. Becky Bossi, Interim Organist

Vestry: Rick Wimble, Sr. Warden; Dave Derby, Jr. Warden;

Rich Adessa and Lori Greene, Treasurers; Bobbi Mazurek, Clerk; Laurie Bessette, Carol Hall,

Jan Bellinger, Denise Hart, Doreen O’Neil, and Young-Hee Derby .