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February 10, 2019



                                            February 17 – Visit from Maggie Breen


VESTRY: Members of the vestry for 2019 are: Sr Warden: Laurie Bessette, Jr. Warden: Jim O’Neil, Treasurer: Rich Adessa, Asst. Treasurer: Doreen O’Neil, Clerk of the Vestry: Bobbi Mazurek, Carol Hall, Alida Densem, Doreen O’Neil, Gary Bessette, Jesse Bessette and Charles Knauff, Delegate to convention: Jan Bellinger and Doreen O’Neil as alternate. We would like to thank Denise Hart for her service as a vestry member for 2018.


NORTHEAST REGIONAL NEWSLETTER: The latest copy of the Northeast Regional Newsletter written by Maggie Breen can be found by clicking HERE.


LAYING ON OF HANDS: On the first Sunday of each month, Victoria will offer prayers for healing after the prayers of the people and before confession. During this time, Rev. Miller will move to the altar rail so folks interested in receiving the laying on of hands may come forward and stand or kneel at the rail.


If you or someone you know of is in need of pastoral care or a hospital visit, please let Rev. Miller, Laurie or Jim know.

February Birthdays
Steve Hershey – February 6th
Doreen O’Neil – February 25th



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